Monday, 26 March 2012

Hail Caesar!

Lets talk cravings.  Everybody has heard of the stereotypical pregnant woman scarfing down pickles and ice, that doesn't sound appealing at all to me, but I have had some pretty intense cravings this pregnancy.

Old wives tales will tell you if you're craving "sweet" things, then you'll have a girl, and if you're craving "sour" things then you'll have a boy.  I've never been one to believe in such nonsense, but I can say that if there is any hint of truth in this then I'm most likely to be having a couple of sour little boys!  Don't get me wrong, I've always had and always will have a sweet tooth, but lately I can't get enough sour.  

Earlier in the pregnancy I HAD to make and eat a lemon meringue pie.  Of course I shared with Chris and the kids had a quick taste before they realized they don't really like lemony stuff.  Then, at the grocery store one day I saw limes and had to have something made with limes.  I made key lime bars, and their creamy limey goodness just can't be beat!  (I admit to joyfully sucking the last little drops of lime juice out of the lime halves too.)  Today I HAD to have some Maynards Sour Patch Kids candies!  I texted Chris on his way home from work to pleeeease pick some up for me and their sour goodness totally hits the spot!!!

I have craved some other things though.  During the wonderful (but brief) March heat wave I would have done almost anything for an ice cold beer...but I used common sense and will power and didn't give in.  When I craved a Motts Clamato Caesar Chris gathered the ingredients for me (minus the vodka of course) and I enjoyed a number of virgin Caesar's.  Actually, that's sounding pretty good right about now, maybe after this post I'll finish up the Clamato juice and make a salty, spicy (virgin) Caesar.  Mmmm.  Early on this pregnancy I LOVED Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt, ate a few tubs of that.  I also craved Borsht, and made a HUGE pot.  Dill pickles were great for a while, now I'm liking the Yum Yum Sweet pickles.  
Ladies, what did you crave in your pregnancies?  Did the wives tale ring true for you?

Now...for that Caesar....
Pregnant mama Virgin Caesar!


Anonymous said...

I craved pickles, peanut butter and icecream before my miscarriage LOL and like you, not at once of course

My Tales with Two said...

Hi Sarah! Congrats on your pregnancy. Found your blog through the Multiples and More community on Blog Frog. I'm excited to follow allow with your pregnancy journey! My twin pregnancy cravings were for salty things: Pizza Hut breadsticks and Arby's sandwiches were my faves. If sweet means girl and sour means boy - then salty must mean "one of each" which is exactly what I got. :-)

Nice "meeting" you!


Helen said...

I craved peaches with Erika and Chocolate with Brady(I'm sure that's why he was over 10lbs) Lol.