Monday, 19 March 2012

Then Til Now

I thought I'd use this post to bring you all up to date to where we're at now that I'm 11 weeks and 4 days along.

We took a few days to digest the idea of adding two more family members to our menagerie.  We told the kids about TWO babies coming and they thought it was fantastic that they would both have one to hold when they want to!  Such wonderful kids we have! 

Two weeks after that surprising ultrasound I had another one booked, and it was an important one.  You see, the previous ultrasound had shown that there was one gestational sac containing two embryos.  This means that the babies will be "identical", or the medical term is Monozygotic, meaning "from one egg".  This happened when the fertilized ovum split in two, creating two babies that share the same DNA.  There are two types of monozygotic twins, ones that share the same amniotic sac, "monoamniotic",  and those that have a membrane in between the two, giving each their own amniotic sac or "diamniotic".  As one can imagine, monoamniotic twins have a tendency to get their umbilical cords very tangled and knotted, causing one or both babies to possibly not survive because their nutrient supply gets cut off.  Monozygotic/monoamniotic (or Mo/Mo) twins are quite rare, but a very possible reality.  This next ultrasound that was done when I was at 8weeks 3days gestation was to determine whether we were having mo/mo or mo/di twins.  

6 week, 3 day mo/di twins!
Chris was able to come to this ultrasound, and after the technician took the measurements she needed to take, she called Chris in to come take a look.  They looked like 2 little gummy bears!  Ultrasound techs aren't supposed to divulge much information about the results of an ultrasound, so when I commented excitedly that I could see the membrane separating the babies she said "I didn't tell you that!" lol!  But I was THRILLED to see that the risks involved with having identical twins were lowered significantly by knowing my babies would each have their own amniotic sac!

Chris loved being able to be there and see the little gummies, both close to the same size which is good news and both with perfect heartbeats!  

I had my first appointment with my obstetrician at 10 weeks.  It was pretty standard, going over my previous pregnancy/birth/health history.  I wasn't far along enough yet to do any measurements or anything.  We discussed the possibility of needing a cervical cerclage because of some other issues I've had with my cervix, and at 14 weeks I'll have an ultrasound to check how my cervix is holding up.  I opted to have a nuchal translucency scan, which checks for chromosomal abnormalities (Down Syndrome is one example), which means an ultrasound done at 12 weeks (or this Thursday!).  So, I'm hoping that the scan will come out normal, that both the babies will be at around the same size, and that I'll have another little picture of my bubs to show!  The OB also booked an full scan/gender ultrasound for MAY 10th!!!!  I can't wait for that one and find out if I'm having two little girls or two little boys!!!  I'm 11 weeks 4 days today!

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