Thursday, 12 July 2012

There's Always Something...

You never know what will happen with an identical twin pregnancy.  I've been here in the hospital on bed rest for 3 weeks and a day now!  Definitely didn't expect this, but yet, here I am.  Things had been going rather smoothly here, have an ultrasound weekly to check on the girls growth and how my cervix is holding up.  The first week I was here it went from 1.6cm to 1.1cm, but since then has only shortened very slightly which is great news.  My doctor seemed hopeful that I'd last until 30-32 weeks and maybe even be able to go home at 32 for a while until labour starts.  Now, I'm not sure how things will go.

The issue right now isn't my cervix, but possible growth disparity between the two girls.  Baby A has always been the larger one, but the difference between the two girls is increasing.  My doctor came in to give me results and this past week A gained a whopping 10oz, but B only gained 3oz.  Now, this is based on ultrasound results so there is a chance that they could be off.  That's why I will likely be sent to Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto again for another evaluation by a specialist. Dr. Potts said it doesn't look like Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, but more like possible IUGR or Intra Uterine Growth Restriction.  He said if that's the case they will most likely recommend monitoring me until 32-34 weeks and delivering sometime in that time frame...unless B stops growing completely then it would be more practical to get them out asap.  Of course it depends on the results from Mt. Sinai so we'll just have to wait and see.  Hopefully they will let me know a date tomorrow that I can have an appointment there.

Over all I'm doing alright.  Being in the hospital for 3 weeks isn't fun, and if everything is ok and I don't go into labour before then I'm looking at being here another 3 weeks (until I'm 32 wks).  Sigh.  Days are long and rather boring but I know it's what's for the best right now.  Finding babysitting for the kids can be a challenge and Chris is working on getting our new house fixed up and ready to move into so he's very busy.  I'm looking forward to getting back home and developing a new "normal".  

Thank you everyone for your continued good thoughts and best wishes for us, they're greatly appreciated, and thanks for reading my blog!  How about some ultrasound pictures?  These are the best from the last couple of weeks.