Monday, 19 March 2012

Surprise for the Hubby

I went home from the ultrasound appointment where I'd just discovered I was carrying not one, but TWO babies!  I couldn't wait to tell my hubby but I had to think of the best way to tell him.  He couldn't come to the appointment with me because he was a few days out from his appendectomy surgery, so I had the drive home to think about how to tell him.

I got home, and remained emotionless...hard as it was.  I told him to sit down, and solemnly I said "I know we really wanted to have another baby..."  He had a sad look on his face.  Then I said "But..what do you think about having TWO?"  My eyes filled up again, and I couldn't help but smile.  He said "Yeah right, you're full of crap!", but with a smile, not sure if I was serious or not! I assured him I wasn't joking, and soon both of us were laughing and crying again!

Some of his first words were "We need a VAN!" and shortly after "I'll be getting a vasectomy!" lol.  He was thrilled as we both are, but it's still hard to believe we are going to be the parents of FOUR children in a only 6 short months!

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