Thursday, 5 April 2012

14 Weeks and Growing

Today was the last time I'll have to drink a litre of water before an ultrasound!!! YAY!  I have to say, that is the only bad thing about early ultrasounds.  It's great to see the babies progress and everything, but that full bladder feeling, and having the technician press on it has to be the worst!
The technician I had today was the same lady that discovered our twins!  I've seen a different tech every time I've been in so it was nice to see this one again, because the babies sure have grown a lot since they were two little fetal poles the last time she saw them. 

Top of both babies heads
I'm a tad bit concerned about the ultrasound.  The good news is both babies are growing at the same rate, and with identical twins that's what you definitely want to see.  The thing that worries me though is that she was having a hard time seeing a membrane separating the two babies.  It WAS definitely there at the 8week ultrasound, but I've heard of some cases where the membrane was so thin that the babies had managed to tear it and then they went from being diamniotic (each having their own amniotic sac) to being monoamniotic (sharing an amniotic sac).  Sharing a sac can be dangerous because their umbilical cords can get very tangled.If it happens to not be there though, it would 100% mean that I'd have a planned cesearian.  So I'm a bit worried but monoamniotic twins are rare and chances are she just couldn't get the right angle to see the membrane and that it's still there.  We'll likely see it at future ultrasounds.  
My next ultrasound isn't planned until May 10th, so you'll all have to wait a while to see more ultrasound pictures, but hopefully I'll get a nice preggo belly to show at some point lol. 
Baby A
The individual pictures of the photos aren't great this time, but they give a general idea.  They've grown a fair bit in 2 weeks!

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Rebecca said...

Awww...this is great!!!
Love the pictures...and just so exciting each time I read about I can imagine how you feel everytime :)
Everything will be fine... sometimes those ultrasounds are tricky!! :):)
Can't wait to see that belly grow and grow :)