Thursday, 3 May 2012

Worries and Woes

What a stressful few days I've had.
As I posted last time, I've been feeling some wonderful movement from the babies and it's been so exciting...until about 4 days ago when I wasn't feeling ANYTHING.  Of course, being a neurotic pregnant woman I was thinking the worst.  The first day went by, and I figured I just wasn't paying attention..then the second day, still nothing really distinguishable...then the third day and still nothing!  So, last night Chris went out and got me a large iced cap from Tim Hortons AND a mini Blizzard from Dairy Queen.  Now, if they're not gonna move after that I don't know what would get them moving!

SO, I finish the ice cream (which was delicious by the way, Strawberry Cheesequake..yum!) and I finish the iced cap, and a few minutes later I laid down and waited for them to start bouncing around.  Well...they STILL didn't prove that they were still there!

This morning I just couldn't stand it any more and I called my OB's office.  They got back to me in a few minutes and asked if I could come in for 1:30pm.  Excellent...but worried.  I posted on a local mom's twin board on Facebook about my worries and a peer support person (Stacey!) asked if I'd like her to come along...just in case the news wasn't good so I wouldn't be alone.  How wonderful!  What amazing people there are in the world, willing to help a complete stranger!  I have to say, she proved to me that there really are caring people still in the world, sometimes they show up just when you need them.

I got to the appointment and the receptionist and nurse got me in right away...I was one of the last patients of the day and I just love both of those ladies, they're so great.  Blood pressure was perfect and again I'd lost another that's 6lbs total lost so far.  I try to eat, I swear I do!

Stacey came with me and we chatted while we waited for Dr. Potts in the exam room.  The Dr. came in and we chatted a bit about the lack of movement and then he got the dopplar and we listened for the first baby.  What a relief to hear that little "Woosh Woosh" heartbeat!  Also the static sounds of baby moving around (that I couldn't feel!). He checked baby 2 and thank goodness all was the same, great heartbeat and some definite static sounds of baby moving about!!  I was so relieved, as was Stacey and the doctor!  He gave me the option of going for an ultrasound tomorrow...but I do have the gender scan booked for next Thursday and since he felt everything was ok, I trust his judgement and I'll wait until then.  As much as I love seeing the little beans, I don't like wasting the system's resources.

Of course I feel silly for being as worried as I was, but as the nurse at the office said, they would rather people worry and get things checked than just not give a damn.  They all assured me that they're there to support and to not feel bad about checking up when something doesn't feel right.  I feel SO lucky to have such great care!

OH and Chris said that the babies are definitely grounded when they come out for worrying their mama so much!  Now I can relax and be VERY excited for the gender scan next Thursday!!!

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