Thursday, 24 May 2012

Size Matters

Today is HOT and I'm sure feeling it!  28 degrees celsius!  Looking forward to our move where we'll have central air! lol.  I'm really not complaining though, since I'll take the heat over the cold and snow ANY DAY.  I've been feeling quite a bit more movement in the past week or so, and if I look at my belly at the right time I can see it moving which is so neat!  The girls also seem to enjoy using my bladder as a soccer ball, which is not so neat lol.  The older kids are so excited about the girls coming, Nolan has been saying "goodnight" to the babies and Evelyn has been talking about all the things she'll teach them.  I'm so proud of my wonderful kids!

I was a bit concerned after the follow up from my previous ultrasound.  At the appointment my Doctor told me that it appears that baby A is measuring about 20% smaller than baby B.  Now, that said, they weren't able to get all of baby A's measurements at that time since she just wasn't cooperating for all of them, but he said we'd be keeping a close eye on their sizes.  He said just one measurement can really throw off the anticipated size as a whole, so I'm hoping that after today's ultrasound they'll have gotten what they need and it'll show more even growth.  Apparently they are both still within "normal" range size wise for their gestation, so that's a good thing. He also said that it doesn't appear to be a problem with the placenta, and it could easily be that baby A is just a smaller baby.  I'll be looking forward to the follow up for this ultrasound to see what's going on.

That said, I've been feeling pretty good recently and thinking I might have a bit more of an appetite than I've had until now.  I have hip, back and groin pain but I guess that's just part of the deal this time around.  I've been doing a good bit of knitting in preparation for the girls coming, and I just can't wait to see them wearing my creations.  I'll be sure to post pictures of them wearing them.

Baby Girl A, getting so big!
So, an ultrasound means PICTURES!  Here they are!  Got a really good one of baby girl A this time and not such a great one of baby girl B, but they were very bouncy and moving all over the place.

Baby Girl B, facing down


Tracy said...

Glad to hear all is well and progressing normally! They are gettin big! Wow! It's so amazing to hear Evelyn and Nolan are so excited for siblings.

Sarah said...

It's going to be so fun to watch them all interact. I've been trying hard to make sure they understand that they are going to be new family members. It'll be interesting to see the changes :).

Helen said...

So glad that everything is going good! You looked great at the birthday party on Saturday! Keep the updates coming, I love to read your progression!!

gariane laker said...


i love reading your posts, they bring back soo many memories for me=) enjoy each moment with them in your belly=) how are they positioned in the womb? my kiddos were stacked like a sandwich, and carissa was always kicking and punching my bladder, and it would drive me crazy... and then nathaniel was always kicking and punching my ribs...ouch=( anyway i am very excited for you! hoping and praying that your pregnancy continues to go well=)

Sarah said...

Thanks Helen!
Gariane, I can imagine it'd bring back memories for you :). The last 2 ultrasounds the girls have both been head down, which is pretty cool. It'd be nice if they stay that way the whole time but I know that's not likely at this point lol. I think the head down is why I have the groin pain and why they're punching (or head butting) my bladder a lot lol.