Monday, 6 August 2012

Tests and Moving

  Appointments and tests, that's what my life exists of right now.  I am happy to say though that I can go to these tests from HOME rather than still being in the hosptial!  My cervix stayed at around 1cm for 3 weeks straight and I wasn't having any other issues so I insisted on being let out.  Having a room mate that had undiagnosed sleep apnea and snored so loudly I wasn't able to sleep much for 3 days straight only made my resolve to get out stronger.  I've been home for just over 2 weeks now and it's wonderful!
The tests I go for are Non Stress Tests (NST), Ultrasounds, doctor appointments and Biophysical Profiles (BPP).  NST's check to see if either baby is under stress.  Stress could be due to cord entanglement, oxygen deprivation, or a variety of other reasons.  Ultrasounds and doctor appointments are pretty self explanatory, but BPP's are special ultrasounds where the technician measures the babies movements, the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding each baby, among other things.  So I'm going to twice weekly NST's, bi-weekly ultrasounds and BPP's, and weekly OB appointments.  It's a little crazy.

A few days after I was discharged from the hospital was moving day.  Of course I didn't participate, instead I visited a friend for the day and relaxed.  Our new-to-us place needed (and still needs) quite a bit of renovations and cosmetic work but it's going to be perfect for us.  Slowly things are getting done by my wonderful husband and our house is looking more and more like a home every day.  I feel bad that I'm not able to do much to help, but I know taking it easy is what's best for our little girls.

Speaking of the twins, they're both doing very well.  Baby B isn't growing as fast as Baby A, but neither little ones are showing signs of distress.  B is about a pound smaller than A according to ultrasound measurements.  I had a second appointment at Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto and they didn't seem concerned about the size difference between the girls so I guess they aren't too worried here either.  As of a few days ago A was measuring about 4lb 7oz, and B 3lb 5oz.

As for myself, I'm getting pretty uncomfortable.  Getting up from sitting or laying down is quite excruciating for my back and pelvis.  The babies are a heavy weight for my pelvis to carry, and I have to pee ALL the time! With the heat it's amazing how much my feet swell too.  I can no longer wear shoes and am relegated to flip flops (which also get very tight sometimes).  This pregnancy is definitely much different than my other ones.  My appetite comes and goes, some days I'm very hungry but most days I'm not hungry at all and I have to force myself to eat.

Over all we're very excited to meet our little girls!  I'm currently 32 weeks and 2 days along :).  I'm very happy to have made it this far, my doctor didn't think I would given my short cervix.  From here on out every day is a real bonus!  I haven't gotten any really good ultrasound pictures recently.  Often they are facing inward toward my spine, and now that they're getting bigger it's harder to get decent they're very active girls!  I can't wait to post real photos of the girls when they get here :D.


gariane said...

hey sarah,

i love hearing the updates! i check everyday to see how you are doing=) i am glad that the babies are hanging in there=)i am proud of you! i only made it to 28 weeks with the trips, and i am sorta glad that i didnt have to carry them much longer. my face hands and feet were swollen=( it was annoying to say the least, but now i have three beautiful children who are happy and healthy=)keep looking up=)


Sarah said...

Thanks Gariane! It's getting very tough. After doing very little my back is SO sore, and sciatic pain is very bad. Sigh. I'm ready to be done for sure.

Tracy said...

It amazes me every day the strength you have to go through this. You are an amazingly strong person Sarah! :) I am thrilled to death to be even a small part of everything and am on the edge of my seat waiting to meet these little girls that are going to be entering an amazing family with wonderful siblings and incredible parents.

Very soon, all the aches and pains and tests and unknown will be over and the girls will be HERE!


Sarah said...

Thanks Tracy, I know that these girls will be SO worth every single discomfort and inconvenience I have to go through to get them here. I definitely don't consider myself a "strong" person, I'm just doing what I have to do...there's really no alternative at this point lol.
I can't wait for them to meet their Aunt Tracy too! I hope they won't wait TOO much longer, but at least I know that they will be here in less than 4 weeks!!!

Georgie Binks said...

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