Friday, 8 June 2012

No Berry Picking

Lets change things up today...I usually post my ultrasound scans at the end of my post, but today, what the heck, here are our little girls!
Giving her neck a stretch

Look at that cute little nose!

My OB was very happy that the report from Mt. Sinai came back normal and well and that the girls look wonderful.  He was, however, a little concerned about my cervical length.  I've been instructed to rest as much as possible to give the girls as much of a chance to stay safely in utero for as long as we can.  

To get an idea of how much rest he meant I mentioned that I was hoping to go pick strawberries soon...he told me to buy them.  Sigh. I was looking forward to going out and picking them, it's so fun with the kids, but of course, the safety of our babies  comes first, so we'll buy them.

He told me to call immediately if I get any painful contractions or have any bleeding at I guess I need to take the rest thing pretty seriously.  I'm only 23 weeks 5 days today, much too early for the girls to arrive safely.  He said he highly doubts I'll make it to the full 37 weeks considering my short cervix, so I'll do what I can to rest.  It'll be difficult with our move coming up, but I know Chris won't let me lift a finger, he's in love with his little girls already!  I do hate the pressure it puts on him though.

I'm not sure if I mentioned the thumb pain I was having in a previous post, but since then my other thumb started hurting as well, and the pain went from my thumbs and up my wrists.  Time for the mighty Google to help me figure out what the heck was going on.  It turns out I've developed Pregnancy Induced Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.  In both my wrists.  I guess it's caused by a constriction of a certain nerve in the wrist and  will usually resolve itself after the birth.  I could purchase braces and I'm going to price them out, but I'm guessing they're probably more expensive than I want to spend on a pain that will go away in not too long.  

Since 14 weeks our girls have remained head-down (or Vertex as the doctors would say).  Considering that I asked my doc how soon after a vaginal birth he'd be able to do a tubal ligation, and his answer was 6-8weeks.  I had hoped it could be done within a day or 2 but he said swelling needs to go down.  The good news is that since the surgery is done laparoscopically (with a few small incisions and a little camera to guide the surgeon) the recovery is very fast.  If I had it done on a Friday, but Sunday I'd be pretty much back to normal.  So, I guess if I don't wind up having to have a cesearian it'll be alright, I'll recover over a weekend and be ok to care for the babies the following week.

There's my big update this week folks!  I'm getting really excited about all our changes happening, and about meeting our new additions!  I've been getting tons of kicks, punches and head butts, and the kids have both been able to feel their sisters bumping around inside me :).  Their excitement really rubs off and they just can NOT wait to meet their sisters!  OH and I just wanted to add I lost another pound this appointment!  Ugh, I try to eat as much as I can, I swear!  However, I'm measuring large according to my doctor, if I was having a single baby I'm measuring 33 weeks! About 10 weeks ahead lol! Thankfully fundal height measurements aren't really accurate for multiple births so I'm not too concerned.  I sure feel huge though!  Here's me this past week:

23w 4d preggo with our girls :)


gariane laker said...

you look beautiful! i know what it is like to rest and take it easy!! i tried to do that for most of my pregnancy as well, but in the end the babies decided when to come, and they decided to come at 28 weeks. i hope you are able to keep them healthy and safe for several more weeks=)

Sarah said...

Thanks Gariane! My cervix is measuring 1.6cm and after coming home and researching it seems I'd better take doc's advice and rest as much as possible. 28 weeks seems to be a pretty safe gestation, it's great you made it that far with trips! Right now my goal is 30wks! Hopefully I go longer than that but only time will tell. I really hope I can avoid being admitted for preterm labour, I don't know what I'd do with our older kids if that happened!